dynaTrace Platform Support for Web

dynaTrace allows full end-to-end tracing from to user's click starting in the browser spanning across Web servers, Java, .Net and native application servers and database.

Both lightweight production monitoring for %100 of users as well as deep root-cause diagnostics for production trouble shooting for selected users are provided. On top of that, dynaTrace can trace any proprietary and third-party code or library.


  • Internet Explorer*
  • Firefox*
  • Chrome
  • Safari
  • Browsers on iOS
  • Browsers on Android

*Deep root-cause diagnostics is provided with browser plugins.

Ajax Frameworks

  • jQuery
  • Yahoo UI
  • Google Web Toolkit
  • Prototype
  • Ext JS
  • Scriptaculous
  • dojo
  • DWR
  • zk
  • and many more...

Web Servers

  • Apache
  • Internet Information Services
  • IBM http Server
  • Java-based Web Servers, i.e. Tomcat

Java Server Faces Component Libraries

  • RichFaces
  • ICEFaces
  • MyFaces
  • and many more...

Supported for autodetection of XHR requests

  • dojo
  • ICEFaces
  • jQuery
  • extJS
  • GWT
  • zK


Application Performance Management Eğitimi

Uçtan uca tüm platformların ve mainframe uygulamalarının, veri ve işlemlerin tek bir süreçte yönetilmesini sağlayan DevOps konusunda yeteneklerimizi geliştirdik.

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